ES Reporting Software: File Maker Pro

How to access reports from home:

At ISB, we have a remote access system which uses the internet to “pretend” that you are connected at school. Then you can use your Entourage or File Maker Pro as if you were at school. The steps are simple…essentially you will connect to a website, log in and this website will form a connection that makes your computer think it is plugged into a network cable at school. Here are the directions:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Go to this address:
  3. Fill in your username and password that you use at school…same as your webmail one too.
  4. When asked whether to proceed because of a security certificate, click Yes.
  5. Click on the link that says ISB Certified SSL VPN. A new window will open.
  6. If it is your first time using it, you may have to install some software and then repeat the steps. Otherwise, continue.
  7. You will be told that a security certificate cannot be validated…this is OK…click Yes.
  8. The system will connect you and possibly ask you to choose another drive (you can click this).
  9. Once the window indicates that you are connected, you can open your Entourage or File Maker Pro and access your reports or email.
  10. Close the window and log out when you are done.
  11. See attached for more details.

Connecting to the internet help guides:

FYI: Because you are effectively tunneling through the internet to connect securly to the school network, Filemaker can sometimes be SLOW