Google Apps PD Training:




  • How to get there

How to get to your mail: (Using the browser of your choice)

Click Google Apps Square on ISBCentral
(this is not operational yet)
  • if you go to - have to type in whole email address)
  • if you go to webmail - domain name will already be there ie:

Mailbox Limit is 25GB

Introduction to Apps Mail

Training Links - Handouts to print if needed

What the Module Covers

Chapter 1
  • Sidebar Links + Descriptions
  • Key differences from Outlook
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Apps Mail Labs
Chapter 2
  • Send and Receive Mail
  • Emails groups by conversation
  • Read & respond to messages
  • Create email message templates
  • Receive mail from multiple accounts
  • Personalise your inbox & messages
Chapter 3
  • Manage Contacts
  • Upload existing contacts and groups
  • Create contact groups for parents, teachers, classes, organisations
  • Send email to your contacts
  • Sync contacts to mobile device (Skip - read later)
Chapter 4
  • Store and Organise Mail (Labels)
  • Archive vs deleting messages
  • Automate your inbox with filters & templates
  • Forward mail to a different address
  • Search tips for finding email
Chapters 5,6,7
  • Tasks (read the handout)
  • Mobile devices (read the handout)
  • Offline & Mobile Access (read the handout)
Chapter 8 (chat)
(May cover in a PD session later in the year)
  • Overview
  • Save, search & reply with chat
  • Add, remove, or change those in your chat list
  • Chat with a group
  • Chat with voice or video


Chapter 1
Intro to Calendar
  • Open & view Calendar
Chapter 2
Add appointments & events
  • Create a calendar with start & end dates
  • Create a calendar entry spanning one or multiple days
  • Create an ongoing or repeating calendar entry
  • Create entries in different calendars
  • Copy an entry to a different calendar
  • Add email, SMS, or pop-up reminders
Chapter 3
Add people to calendar events
  • Invite Individuals to an event
  • Invite people who don’t use Google Calendar
  • View guest list & responses
  • Edit a guest list
  • Respond to calendar invitations
Chapter 4
Create & view calendars
  • Use multiple calendars
  • Switch calendar views
  • Use agenda view to create a lesson plan
  • Add & view other school calendars
  • Import iCal, Yahoo! Outlook or other calendars
  • Print a calendar
Chapter 5
Share calendars with individuals, groups & more
  • Group Calendars
  • Give others access to change a calendar
  • Share a calendar with people outside your school
  • Share a calendar with staff, students & parents
  • Share a calendar with a group
  • Check & change who can view, edit or add events
Chapter 6 - Skip *

But might be helpful to show:
  • Embed a calendar
    into any website
    with HTML

Publish and Integrate Calendars

  • Publish a calendar as a webpage
  • Embed a class calendar into a Google Site
  • Embed a calendar into any website with HTML
  • Let students embed calendars into Site start page
Chapter 7 - Skip
Plan a course curriculum & schedule
  • Create a class calendar
  • Sharing options for class calendars
  • Publish a class calendar as a website or for Google Sites
  • Example calendar entries for a class calendar
  • Link to Google Documents in a class calendar
  • Project Calendar
  • Academic Calendar
  • Resource Calendar
Chapter 8 - Skip
Calendar Labs

  • Overview
  • Adding Labs to your calendar
Chapter 9 - Skip
Other Ways to Access Google Calendar
  • Enable offline access
  • How to access events offline
  • Offline features
  • Icons
  • Select calendars to view offline
  • Turn off offline access
  • View & make changes from a mobile phone
  • Sync with iCal

Calendar Links

Days Calendar
ES Calendar
MS Calendar
HS Calendar

More Helpful Links

Important Information

Your password for your google account must be at least 8 characters long. Your google password must be the same as your laptop log in password or viceversa to avoid password conflicts when we start to sync the active directory.
You can now change your laptop login under System Preferences, Accounts - follow the prompts. Ask your Technology & Learning Coach to help you with this if you are not sure. If you get a message saying your password was not changed, please shut down your computer, then log back on and try again. Please put in a password hint. If after several attempts you still can not change your password - please take your laptop up to EdTech.

Google docs migration

Create one collection (share the collection with your account) drag all your docs into that that collection. Then you will have access to those docs in both &
At the moment you can not change the ownership of a doc as both domains are separate at the moment. We are currently working on bring both domains under the one administration. Please be aware that the docs will take a while to appear in your @isb docs account - especially depending on how many docs you are migrating.
(**Note: This is not applicable to new faculty for 2011-12)

Access your google docs:
If you can no longer log into this account - please take your laptop up to EdTech.