=November 29th, 2007 - Tech Tips=

Brainpop and Brainpop jr are now available 24 hours!

It has taken some time but I have managed to get the people at Brainpop to loosen the cuffs and allow us to access the site outside of school hours. You can now use these two resources from home and at school at any time.

The new login information
Username: isbpop_teacher
Password: 12345678

International Day Movie – 21st century style!
Ed Devlin had put a fantastic movie together about International Day. What a great way to reflect on a great day with your students and parent community.

You can find the movie here: http://animoto.com/play/e708f9251de8f637eb323f43576bb9ed

Great stuff Ed!

Paper , Printing and Panthers – A note to staff and students

Being in and out of team rooms at much as I am I could not help but notice how much wasted printing goes on in the ES. I do not know of any other school that give this much printing freedom to its staff and students. With this luxury comes a certain responsibility and I would just like your help in reminding staff and students of a few points.

1) Think before you print – Does it need to be printed or can it be saved digitally?

2) Check before you print – Much of what I see in the scrap bins is student work. Work that is either forgotten or contained errors. Are students checking their work before they print? Peer editing? Can be build student accountability into the printing process with some structure and words of guidance?

November 23rd, 2007 - Tech Tips

Ever found a great YouTube clip but had no way to keep it or ensure that it plays smoothly when your class is in session for the lesson? There is a way to download the YouTube, Google Video, TeacherTube (or other video clips from online) and save them to your computer. Better yet, the resulting file inserts directly into a Smart Board Notebook file so you can embed them right into lessons seamlessly. If you are interested in this, let me know. For those willingly to go out looking you need to start using Firefox to browse the web and you need a Firefox Addon called Download Helper <https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006> . Available for PC and Mac. YouTube has tons of legitimate content related to academic learning…don’t get turned off by all the goofy content that’s up there.

Want your kids to be carefully evaluating the web sites they use? Show them how to use EasyWhoIs <http://www.easywhois.com/> . This website can look up the owner and registration information in public record about a website. ALL STUDENTS NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS. Let me come to your class and share the classic example of the Martin Luther King site that looks like a good source and comes in high on Google, but is owned an operated by Stormfront, the leading White Supremacist group in the US. For students to be literate in the 21st century, they need to know how to find out who is telling them stuff online. Next time you are setting your students to research, please show them this or have me come by to show them this and some other powerful search techniques. And don’t forget your library specialists!

Want a way for student to reflect on images or artwork? Consider a blog in which students can upload images or their work and then write posts that comment on their process, their thoughts, and their inspiration. Students can make links to other sites that inspire them, give credit to other artists, and comment on each others work. Or what about a Podcast or video in which their work shows and they are speaking about each piece as they come up? Easily done in Windows Movie Maker, Garage Band, or iMovie.

Need a place for groups of students to collaborate and build up their common knowledge on a particular topic? Try a wiki, like wikispaces.com <http://www.wikispaces.com/> or wetpaint.com <http://www.wetpaint.com/> . Think Wikipedia, only with a blank slate and you can determine the content and who gets access to edit. Students can edit on their own time and a history of past submissions is kept so work is never lost. This works great for knowledge based content or review work discussion. What you end up with are class notes/collective intelligence putting together their shared knowledge on a subject.

Want to find images that suit a topic for a presentation, but also want to model responsible use, adherence to copyright, and require students to do the same for their images in a presentation? Try Flickr Creative Commons <http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/> . Flickr is a photo sharing website. Creative Commons is a new way to look at copyright in a participatory web world. People say that work can be used without permission, but with credit and for non profit (and other reasons). Millions of photos, all searchable by their tags (keywords).

Forget online resources…are you tired of seeing PowerPoint presentations that focus on bells/whistles and animations? Get them focusing more on content! Have them use Smart Notebook software. It’s easy to create layout, but there aren’t any bells and whistles. Plus, then they might consider how they present more and involve using the Smart Board in the way they bring a topic to your attention. Smart Notebook software is on all the student computers at school (not on home computers, which may be a deterrent).

Planning a trip and want to share with parents and students where you’ll be going (think WWW or MS Field trips)? What about using Google Earth to create a tour of the locations you’ll go. The Google Earth tours can be saved, uploaded to the web and viewed by families before, during or after you get back. Google Earth also has tons of resources for English, Social Studies, and more.

October 17th, 2007 - Update


If you have not done so already please take a moment to fill out the anonymous ES technology survey to help inform our PD strategy for
Technology. The survey can be found here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=uE6P6Wr_2fwYrzH8WLIfVdKg_3d_3d

ES YEARBOOK – Call for October photos

The month of October has seen some great teaching and learning in the ES. Don’t forget to share these moments with the whole staff by ensuring they get documented in our ES Yearbook. Feel free to put your best photos in the the YEARBOOK folder on STUSHARE. Grade folders have been made for you feel free to make your own folder within one and drag and drop your pics. If you are having any trouble please let me know.


Need help booking the zones in the Learning Hub? Don’t know where to being. Reply to this email and I’ll swing by for a quick 1-1 or see the attached documents for some help.


A friendly reminder to turn off your projectors when they are not in use.
FYI: The “no-show” function still impacts the life of the bulb.


One of my philosophies with educational technology is that “it should work when I need it to work”. Please keep me informed as to any issues with the laptop by sending me the cart number and laptop number of the computer in question. Writing it on the maintenance sheet is great for the technicians but I also seem to have a positive affect on the “speed” at which problems get solved.
Remember it is not complaining, its making the school better :)

August 15th, 2007 - Update

Thank you for your patience over the past week as our Ed-Tech team gets to all your needs and fixes. We are doing our best to ensure that everyone is up and running with email and printing for the first day of school. Please call Ext 151 for any urgent needs and keep me in the loop so I can help ensure a smooth start to the school year.

Powerschool: Powerschool is up and running and it ready for attendance Login at: http://powerschool.isb.ac.th/teachers/pw.html
If you are unsure of your username and pasword call Khun Tom at Ext 505 and she will get it to your quickly.

Student Pictures: In the past when every class came through the old computer lab Khun Wan would take their photo and these photos would be put up on Stushare server for a variety of classroom uses. This year (starting tomorrow) Khun Wan will come around to each of your classrooms to
take student photos. She will try and be as efficient as possible please help her minimize the disruption to your classroom.

Technology 101 Visits (Grades 3 – 5)- I mentioned in the grade 3 – 5 team meetings that I would like to come by each classroom for 30 min to talk about the laptop program, our user policy, the server system , and student user names and passwords. Please email me with a date time that works for you.

Technology 101 Visits (Pre K – 2) When the library is up and running a technology overview will be part of their tour. More info on this later.

Technology In-service: Starting next week lots of new and exciting stuff in the pipeline for all levels and learners. Stay tuned!

October 6th, 2006 - Update

Backing up your data:

Wouldn’t it be awful if you lost all of the classroom resources that you have worked so hard to create?
Did you know that the school provides you with backup space for all your files?
Well from time to time, computers fail or we delete things by mistake. To avoid that, back your data up to the server, it only takes a moment.

1) Hold down the Apple button and press K
2) Choose the A1Sweden server
3) From the drop down menu choose CERUSER
4)Find the folder with your name on it
5) Drag and drop your files into that folder