Prezi from November 2010 PD Session:

Prezi from August 2010 PD session:

The Links:

Other Resources:
Amazing resources here. Make sure you scroll all the way down!!
A resource blog FULL of amazing goodies for the SMARTBoard!

Interactive Websites: Perfect for Small Groups using the SMARTBoard

Integration Ideas:
46 Ways to use your Interactive Whiteboard

Middle/High School specific Links:
Fun ways to use the SMARTboard in HS English Class
Engaging Learners the SMARTBoard Way
(includes links for Elementary too)
Jim Reed's Math & Science SMARTBoard resources for Grade 9 and up
(This site is FULL of really good resources!)

How To's:
Learn how to insert hand written drawings and numbers into the smart notebook software.
Using Powerpoint with the notebook software
Using Print Capture to take an image from another application and insert it into a notebook file
Using the Other Smart tools like windowshade and spotlight in other applications

Using the Random Galley Items in Notebook (how to create random name generator / random group generator)

1) Medved's Top 10 Smart Board Teaching Tips -
2) Learning the Basics of Notebook 10
3) How to Orient your SmartBoard
4) What in the Gallery?
5) Smart Board Tip Sheet -
6) Smart Activity Tool Kit Reference

Online Resources.

1) - Fantastic resource for primary teachers

2) - Weekly lessons and podcasts

3) - Great K - 3 Resources

4) Smartboard Central Lesson Database - Smart Tech's own lesson resource