THE HUB: Digital Peripheral Philosophy and Use Guidelines

It is our hope that digital peripheral equipment will be used in every area of the school, in our efforts to infuse project-based 21st century literacy into our classrooms. In the interests of sharing and flexible use, all digital peripherals will be be housed in ES The Learning Hub and checked out as needed by the classroom teachers or their IAs under the classroom teacher's name.

Digital peripheral equipment will be loaned in three-day increments. However, should you require extended use, please let the Hub staff know and we will accommodate your timing needs.

This equipment will be maintained by Learning Hub staff in order to ensure that battery charging and regular maintenance is performed so that the equipment is ready for you when you need it.

Digital Still Camera Class Set 1:

12 Sony Cybershot Digital Still Cameras
12 Sony 32mb memory sticks
24 rechargeable batteries
12 USB cables


Digital Stall Camera Class Set 2:
12 Nikon Coolpix L11
12 SD 1gb memory cards
12 rechargeable batteries
12 USB cables

Can take video!!!!!!

*3rd set coming soon..........

Digital Video Camera Class Set 1:
6 Sony Digital Video Cameras
6 mini-DV tapes
6 rechargeable batteries
6 Firewire Cables

Second set coming soon...........

3 digital microscopes

DVD Disks

3 tripods

10 MP3 Voice Recorders

Nikon D50 - Yearbook Camera

Integration Ideas:**

Class investigations: investigations documenting the growth of a seed or a field trip

Documenting in class activities or performances in either still or video