New Teacher Top Ten

1) Submit your printing online at : http://print-request/login.aspx Colour printer in each team quad and the library.

2) ISB Remote Access:

Click on : Go + Connect to Server + User Name and password

3) The ISB School Webpage access:
The school website is used for marketing and communication.
Blogs and wikis for communication are also encouraged

4) The Elementary School has: Video Cameras, digital cameras, scanners, digital display projectors
The High School has: DSLR's, video camera, digital camera, tri-pods

5) Entourage is used for: Inter-school email and booking labs and spaces and booking resources and specialists

6) Each grade has a Web Portal for all of its web resources

7) The Elementary School subscribes to many fabulous online resources: - Grade 5 - 12 - Pre-K - 5 - Spanish - United Streaming

8) Our report card is done through file maker pro.

9) MAC users need to change their location when they leave school and go back to housing
Firefox users need to change proxy settings when using the browser at school and at home.

10) In class projectors have a tendency to shut down if left too hot.

Welcome to ISB!