ISB Elementary School Classroom Web Portals

“Making classroom management of the web that much easier”

A Web portal is a website that typically provides personalized and customized resources to its visitors by providing links to online content. In education they can be used to easily manage and control student navigation of the Internet and to facilitate access to subject specific resources. As the portal grows it acts as a dynamic; living and breathing storage place for websites that be managed and edited by teachers to reflect the best the web has to offer for each part of their curriculum.

As the web gets larger and larger and the speed as which you can use it increases management and organization of web resources becomes increasingly difficult. A teacher controlled portal is the first step towards managing an ever growing library of online resources.

The two sides of your classroom portal:

The student side: These web site is accessible from anywhere in the WORLD. Student DO NOT have to be inside ISB to access them. Students have the ability to open folders and click on links that you provide and set out. There are now classroom portals for each ES grades. They can be found at the following addresses:

Kinder –
Grade 1 –
Grade 2 –
Grade 3 –
Grade 4 –
Grade 5 –
Grade IS –
Spanish -
Music -

    • These portals are set as home pages on all of the laptop carts and in the technology zone

The teacher side – Teachers have complete administrative control over the portal content and how the site looks, works and feels.

How to put links up on your grade portal:

1) Log in at
2) Enter the appropriate grade user name and password (see below)

Kinder Username and password : isbgkg
Grade 1 Username and password : isbg1
Grade 2 Username and password : isbg2
Grade 3 Username and password : isbg3
Grade 4 Username and password : isbg4
Grade 5 Username and password : isbg5
ISB IS Username and password : isbis
Spanish: Username and password:isbspanish
Music: Username and password: esmusic

        • both the user name and passwords are the same for ease of use*

3) Click here for a "how to " guide on using the portal.