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Managing Entourage's annoying alerts

Interested in turning off the Entourage email alerts that pop up at unexpected time during class and presentations?
Here’s how:
  1. Open Entourage
  2. At the top of the screen click on the word “Entourage”
  3. From the menu click on Preferences
  4. From the Preferences window click on “Notifications” located on the left hand side
  5. Un-check the Alert boxes that you do not want.

Email Management Links

"Surviving Email Overload" is an article by the authors of a book on managing email. The essay includes some simple strategies you can implement tomorrow to cut down on the messages you send and receive:

More tips from Career Journal on managing email - these suggestions focus on habits that can dramatically decrease the time you spend on email:

The silver lining of the email glut is that it makes handwritten notes from literacy leaders all the more rare...and valued. The Power of a Note explains why of integrating regular handwritten notes to colleagues into your professional routine is essential for building community: